• Teaching employee communication, leadership and elite level customer service through self awareness, self confidence and soft skills training.

    Workshops available in one of three areas.

    Depending on your company's needs, Kit will coach your employees in one or all four. Available workshops are 90 minutes to two hours in length, highly interactive and engaging for your employees.

    No more "eye-rolling" with employees sitting through a speech by someone in khakis and a blue shirt or thousand dollar suited executives with no personal connection to your team.

    Real talk. Real Action. Real Connections. Real Results.

    Kit's workshops are eye-opening experiences in self-awareness, communication, mindful leadership and customer service.

    See below for available workshops.

  • Human Connection workshops include:


    • Employee Self Awareness. Today's employees face a multitude of distractions and anxieties. Kit teaches your employees to be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how to work in a mindful, productive way. This produces a more focused and happier employee who is proud of what they do, day in and day out.
    • Leadership and People Management. In today's business world, one of the biggest obstacles for managers is communication between generations. For the first time in American history, companies are asking 25 year olds to manage 50 year olds, and asking "old school managers in their 40s and 50s to manage millennials (and younger) employees. This gap is a source of friction and confusion for both sides. Kit's skills workshop releases those confusing barriers to help managers have the confidence, empathy and flexibility to manage better. 
    • Conflict Resolution. Learning to stop conflicts before they begin and how to keep conflicts from becoming "time eaters" and "toxic barriers" to a productive workplace
    • Customer Service. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how to use then for an awareness of yourself to provide elite level customer care.

  • About Kit

    My drive is to help employees, managers and companies grow together and know that their work is meaningful

    Kit Mann has been a radio and TV performer, boxer, gym owner, a dynamic public speaker, leadership coach and life mentor. Possessing degrees in Eastern Philosophy and Public Relations, he used his curious nature to further his inner and outer education by spending more than 10 years studying with Master Zhou Zhang, a Zen Buddhist Master.

    He decided to use his knowledge of human relations and communication as a way to build a career of helping employees become customer service rockstars and help managers and companies learn to cultivate phenomenal performance from their staffs.

    Kit is also a Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Boxing Coach and Certified Kung Fu Fitness instructor.

    Kit is the proud father and step father of two amazing boys, one 21 yrs old and one 7 yrs old.

    When he's not playing guitar or watching his beloved Oklahoma Sooners, You'll find Kit doing what Central Oregonians do: hiking, kayaking, drinking craft beers and living life in

    Central Oregon with his beautiful wife, Lauren, who is herself, a successful and accomplished Human Resources Manager.

  • Services

    Just a little of how we can work together, but we are always open for new ideas and projects. Just contact us and we can plan something special for your company!



    Highly interactive workshops at your business to develop leadership skills, elite customer service skills, conflict resolution skills and more!


    One on One Mentoring

    Weekly or monthly one on one mentoring. Perfect for new managers, to get a closer, face to face approach to leadership, communication and problem solving.


    Public Speaking

    30 to 60 min addresses for larger groups. Focusing on communication and opening channels of communication at work between departments.


    Team Building

    3 hour team building exercises for groups of 5 or more.





    Bend, Oregon Area

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